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Friday, August 25, 2006

ok just to let you guys know i had gotten this wacked out adware thing from gosh knows where imbedded in my computer. it made a balloon pop up in the bottom right that said "windows has detected the presence of adware on your computer" or something like that. it looked real.

anyways once i found out what it was i ran a norton scan and nothing. i tried a couple other free ones. then i researched it and downloaded ad aware which is a free program. when i ran it it found 83 things on my computer norton didn't pick up and i have the latest edition. it made the popup bubble thingy finally go away. it was the only thing that worked.

do not tell me if u think that program sux or if you know something better or something like that. And don't tell me "duh like everybody already knows about that program you nutbutt" i'm not saying it's the best but dude it really worked. you can download and scan for free. you might be surprised.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

If you know me at all you know that i am a complete shoe fanatic. Therefore the limitations of a uniform code at my kids' school will not deter me from letting me i mean them, um, express their fashion sense thru accessories, etc. Tell me this is not the cutest thing you have ever seen and i will tell you to seek professional help immediately.
firstday 021

They're in 3 yr old Kindergarten. They have tin Disney princess lunchboxes. Bottom line- they will represent.

the blanks have been empty so long and i'm so sorry.
Saturday, August 19, 2006

(see the post below.)

but come on, you have no idea how beautiful summer is here in monkeyville.
i have to be outside getting wet and/or fried every day or it's just not OK. plus i feel the spectre of back to school looming large over my shoulder.

sorry i have no really great pictures of this darling maleboy... i'll work on that.

alright here goes... (these sentences are from the comments last time)

Scott likes to bring me happiness. He is 4 inches taller than me. Scott drives a new red Jeep Wrangler (softtop), which I like. Scott has a job as a butcher.

I met him at match.com while on the last day of my subscription after having given up on it. My first thought was "hey i've seen him b4 'round here- he's hott." When he found out I had twin monkeys his response was "wow are you serious? i love kids!".We have in common a loco sense of humor, and a love of steak. The monkeys think he is a big teddy bear. He thinks the monkeys are the cutest kids he has ever seen.

He makes me laugh because he gets all my crazy jokes and pop culture references. I'm really happy about the way he looks(and his personality is pretty awesome too!)
Just recently he asked me if it was ok if he took the doors off his jeep, which was so sweet and thoughtful.

I love it when he comes over and takes the kids away from me so i can have a break and his imitation of Barney is just so darned cute.

His further feelings about the monkeys are he adores them (probably more than he adores me) and he hasn't any children of his own. His moral beliefs perfectly fit with my own.My gut feeling at this point is if I fell deathly ill, he would be here every spare moment he had.
And if there were only three chocolate chip cookies left, he would take one and give my kids each one, then offer me a bite of his.

The celebrity he most looks like is Nick Lachey but his actions remind me more of SpongeBob .

If he had broccoli stuck in his teeth, and you said, "Hey, Cute Dude I'm Dating? You got broccoli in your teeth there." He would say "thanks hon." He is often taken advantage of by the monkeys and totally caring and playful around them.

"My new guy is admirable, amazing, astonishing, astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome, brilliant, cool, divine, dynamite, enjoyable, excellent, extraordinary, fabulous, fantastic, fine, groovy, incredible, magnificent, marvelous, miraculous, outstanding, peachy, phenomenal, pleasant, pleasing, prime, remarkable, sensational, something else, staggering, startling, strange, stupendous, super, superb, surprising, swell, terrific, tremendous, unheard-of, wondrous."



oh and also the girls had their 3.5 half bday party shindig check it out here.

___________ is his favorite flavor of PopTarts.
Monday, August 07, 2006

as you may know i have acquired a male.
many have emailed or commented or just called to beg some info about this earthdweller.

after much thought i have decided to let you ask the questions, but they must be in sentence form like this:

His name is __________.


___________ is his name and _______ing is his game.


His favorite foods are ________ and ______________.

you get the picture.
you can write as many as u want and i will fill them in.

picture requests are also accepted, such as: "i would like to see a picture of his car" etc.

keep it clean kids.
we'll leave this open for a while to see who has the cleverest blanks.


who can guess what happened while mommy was in the shower?
Saturday, August 05, 2006

cookiekids 003

cookiekids 004lily
cookiekids 008hannah


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