this is my fave.
Sunday, September 24, 2006

my fave

pictures at sears today...more proofs at flickr

just for the records...
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

added Wed. morning...
I got an email from one of my fave kids' shoe sites . They're having a 70 % off sale with 30.00 minimum purchase. Yes, 70% The shoes are adorable and not that expensive to start with. The coupon code to enter at checkout is is 70FALL. Tell everybody!! Great for Christmas presents.
also- get free shipping at

How to get free shipping throughout
After adding items to your shopping bag, proceed to the shopping bag page. Select "yes" under "Discounts" to indicate that you are using a promotional code.
Enter code 34JPX in the "promotional code" box on the following page. Your discount, if applicable, will be reflected on the order summary page at final checkout.
Shop now! Offer ends September 26, 2006.

(none of these companies give me anything to post these- they're just good stuff i get in my email every so often and i wanted to pass it along.)


Today when I got home Bob walked the girls over to the front door to drop them off bc they picked them up from school. When he left I said something about his shirt which had a red jeep on the back of it. It said American Red Cross. Hannah said, "No mommy it not a jeep shirt it a bleedin shirt. Him got it cuz him went to da place and him got bleeded-ed." (he donated blood- ha!)

Then at dinner she said "Mommy what kind of noodles is these? " I said "Ziti." She looked puzzled. (they have been working on the alphabet in school)
"Yes Hannah, ziti."
"Ziti Mommy, like A-B-ziti-E-F-G?"

What a clever child!

monkeys in a balloon...
Sunday, September 17, 2006

first here's just a short clip i took of em this weekend in OC. if you don't blink you see sue & scott in the bottom right corner at the end.

we went up to OC this weekend cuz the girls have never been. we're blessed to live within a reasonable driving distance. actually scott & i drove his jeep and mom dad bob and sue brought the monks in the van. they had such a great time! i had waited to take them til i thought they were old enough to enjoy it bc it's so darn expensive.

see more pictures here.

sorry so short- i've got to get it together for work tomorrow. have a great week everyone!


ps i almost forgot...the grand finale...
watch out cowboys!
the cuteness is almost painful. but i'm their mom so i'm a little prejudiced. ;)

warning:extreme cuteness at hand
Thursday, September 14, 2006

yellow 010

Monday, September 11, 2006

is it just me? do i LOOK stressed??????

ahhh, preschool. construction paper, happy singing, naptime, joyful age appropriate cooperative play.


did you forget which children i'm talking about here? i'm not referring to normal 3 year old children. they got sent home 2 times the first week. but they're getting better now.

(my) school has started.
my brain is melting.
life is like a fleeting blur lately.
my house looks like a bomb blew up in it.

i had a yard sale saturday and i made 150.00. go me.
it's for a mini- end-of-summer- weekend- vacation- type thing next weekend.

i've been trying to get some stuff on ebay but i hate that part where you have to actually mail it.

my neck is hurting like it does when the stress builds up.

i freakin gained back like 7 pounds so i'm back on the strict diet. i will now lose 20 more pounds.

that is all.


i'm ill, i know.
Monday, September 04, 2006

but i'm already thinking of christmas. if you're like me and u like to shop waaaaaaaaaay ahead of time, you have absolutely got to see this and quick. the disney online store has reduce d a TON of stuff. i got the girls bathing suits for next year and some other cool christmas presents super duper cheap. sure you have to pay shipping but the prices are so cheap it's worth it!

go quick b4 it's all gone. and tell me what u got if you get sumpin.

ps sorry no time for a real post but we're all alive and kicking here. more this week.

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