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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

so everybody, the reason i stopped with the blogging since like forever is that i decided to lose weight- 100 pounds to be exact.

since this involves exercising, and since i have three kids and since i work full time, i have had to re-prioritize things in mi vida loca. unfortunately, in the daily hierarchy of importance, this beautiful blog has gotten shoved violently to the lower portion of my mental list entitled things i think about doing and if i did them it would be nice but realistically aren't going to happen in the immediately foreseeable future, right above 'clean garage' and not too far from 'irrigate sinuses.'

as much as i love dumping my emotional garbage on this here precious piece of web real estate, i have had to let it go right this second. but i still love it and think of it often. and i think of all my beloved readers/ friends/ stalkers and wonder how they're doing and wonder if they wonder how i'm doing.

so far i have lost 60 pounds fyi and i will lose the rest by May. more details on why and how i did this forthcoming in the easily foreseeable future- maybe tomorrow or next week so come back soon, ok?

ps vote pro-life. and check this article out.

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