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Monday, September 07, 2009

just bc people are against bhusseinobama's proposed health plan specifically does not mean they are against all health care reform. i am so sick of bleeding heart liberals trying to put a freaking guilt trip on anybody who dares to oppose the sucky healthcare document proposed by their object of worship.

more specifically, just recently there was a big liberal status change wave thing for demmies on facebook- "no one deserves to die bc they can't afford healthcare. no one should go broke bc they get sick. if you agree with this, change your status for a day."

oh, okay. bc i don't want my tax money to pay for abortion as birth control, among other things, i want sick people to die and go broke.

and wow! after reading that,now, all of a sudden, i have changed my mind! wait! don't let me murder and bankrupt people! i will support you, barry o!


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