this can't be going in a good direction.
Monday, July 24, 2006

mother wants to clean.
children get magically quiet.
mother becomes suspicious and looks in living room, finds this:


1 baby doll highchair minus tray +
1 pink satin princess cape +
1 pair scissors from doctor's kit =
beauty parlor.

Lily: "sit still Hannah, or i'll mess it up."
Hannah : "you done yet sissy?"
Lily: "no, i said BE STILL. me fixing your hair now. "

why am i thinking bad thoughts involving real scissors? will i imagine it into existence? tell me no.

they actually IDed her, folks.
Thursday, July 20, 2006

today was my grandma's 93rd b-day.
heck yeah - gigi's 93!

i ask you, where else would a 93 yr old great grandma rather go for her birthday than chuck e. cheese??? i didn't really think they would give her 93 tokens, i only thought it would be easier than going to a fancy place bc she likes to watch the girls play. but they did.

yes you heard me...93 FREE TOKENS. good googly moogly- that's the least we've EVAH spent in chuck e. cheese. the girls don't normally use up all their tokens anyway, but this was ridiculous. more birthday plus other pics on flickr...clickerooni

on a separate note~

lily and hannah like to sing. they prefer to make up their own songs that happen "on a sunny day" or "on a saturday night," which is what they keep saying here- it's kinda hard to decipher. today they were going strong when i decided to tape them on our way to chuck e. cheese. most of it is hard to understand & alot is "la la la" but the emotion is unmistakably sincere, wouldn't ya say? they have these singing competitions or duets, whichever you call them, quite a bit. mostly lily starts then hannah joins in.

i think they're broadway bound.

...i know, i know
Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i should be vigorously abused for neglecting this beautiful piece of internet real estate. and all you guys.

i still love you, i promise. it's just that summertime has me going going going without actually accomplishing anything. unfortunately, the blog has dropped down on the to-do list temporarily. just temporarily.

here are some highlights...

~i am dating a male specimen. oh yeah i just bet you'd like to know about that one wouldn't ya? if you're my friend on flickr you can view him in my pix there.

~the girls are a little jealous about this and have been alternately extra clingy and extra naughty as a result. nothing's easy, i tell ya.


~aunt sue and i are planning the girls' Half Birthday Party. yes, they're turning 3.5 and we're having a shindig blowout complete with a big ole moon bounce and other fun kid stuff. it's just not fair that they only get one bday party a year since there's 2 of em. plus, since their bday is in feb they cant have a outside party.

~as of this week i have officially lost 60 pounds. go me!


ps new pics below this post plus click here for more at flickr...

july 06
Sunday, July 16, 2006

july 06
july 06,
originally uploaded by Monkey Mama.

lily left hannah right

lily left hannah right
lily left hannah right,
originally uploaded by Monkey Mama.

proof we are still alive...

happy day 2
happy day 2,
originally uploaded by Monkey Mama.

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