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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I know that it will be hard for you to live without new pix of the monks for this long, but I'm going to AZ for my job until Sunday. In the mean time, focus on ideas for their bday party and leave your comments for me to let me know how smart you are.

The theme is...drumroll please.............the circus!!! Super duper exciting. So far we have striped tablecloths sp? plates and napkins that are like bright circus colors. I want the hall to look like you're in a circus tent so I need to figure out a way to do that. There will be a clown making those balloon animals- no I'm not paying for it my friend's daughter does it. And of course the cake will be circus themed (with clowns.) Now, what else would be cool yet cheap and easy?

I made the invites myself on the computer. They have a picture of a circus tent and ringmaster on the front and the front says

I hear that a circus is coming to town
With camels and popcorn and elephants and clowns!
But what's the occasion for this travelling zoo...?

(Open card)

Those silly twin monkeys are gonna be 2!
Then all the details, etc. And of course there's a graphic inside of two circus monkeys.

BTW when I get back I'm gonna do a photo album from their birth til now so you can revel in the chubby baby-ness. Til then...pray for my mom who going with me and is scared to death of flying. Then pray for my nerves to put up with her! Just joking. Or not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great idea for a party! You are so creative! Gush, gush, gush!

6:16 PM

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Blogger roba. gad3 said...

9:59 PM


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