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Friday, February 04, 2005

It's hard to put into words what a complete and total joyous trip these kids are. (Granted, there are times when they decide to go on a non stop tag team whining marathon and I think to myself " I could quite possibly go completely insane in the legal definition of the term if they scream 'MAAAAAAAA' or 'EEE EEEE EEEE EEEE' one more time.") More on the unique style of screaming they have developed when they don't get what they want at a later date.

Back to the good part which is 99.9%. The things they do, the gestures and sign language they have developed, the way they like to invent dances and make silly faces to see if you will laugh at them is so awesomely adorable- sometimes I look at them and wonder "I grew these???" Have I mentioned so far for people who do not know them personally that until just recently they have refused to talk in English and they're two on the 18th of February? Yes, they communicate with each other in their own twin language they have developed along with hand gestures they use. According to the experts this is completely normal and is called twin talk. It's more common in identical twins. It's also not that they can't talk it's that they won't. Not that they could say complete sentences but when they feel like it they will say words like "juice" "baby" "dog" "ki-ca" (kitty cat) or "diaper." Then when you try to get them to say it again they just laugh at you. The personalities these two have makes everybody say "If they're like this now, wait until they actually do start talking." (My mom says it's payback. Very funny.)

For example when they want a pacifier they make a sound and put their finger up to their mouth like a pacifier. When you try to get them to say pa-pa, which is short for pacifier, they won't unless they want to. The other day L. wanted one. She got my attention and started making the sign. I said "Say pacifier or pa-pa if you want one" and she shook her head no and continued with the signing. I said "No pa-pa unless you say it please" and on and on like that back and forth for the whole time I was changing her and H. Then she saw the actual pappie itself and the edge of the dresser and started whining and fake crying, which is another thing they have invented to get their way unless you know better. "No pappie until you say the word- just say it and you can have it."Again with the no-no- shaking head and then a little stomping thrown in for good measure.

Just then she heard mom come in the back door and ran out into the living room while I was finishing up with H's diaper. I heard her make the pappie noise and mom said "You want a pacifier L?" and gave her one before I could tell her I had been trying to get her to say it for about five minutes. L. then trotted back into the bedroom and stood in front of me so I could see her with the pappie in her mouth. She then removed it and yelled "Pappie!" at me before turning to run away. Wiseguy.


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