Pug in a blanket
Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Ever since their baby cousin A. came home for Thanksgiving, and then again at Christmas to stay for a while, the girls have been into anything having to do with babies. I had gotten them totally off their pappies (pacifiers) except at bedtime. Forget that after Thanksgiving. Since the baby had one, they had to have one too, or they would just unplug hers and she would start screaming. Now they're back into having them off and on during the day, or at least available at their disposal - L more so than H. They like to have a few available, and they store them in the sink of their kitchen set. Whenever a baby comes on TV, they are automatically glued to the set. (No, sister dear, they haven't gotten ADD from watching Elmo.) The main things to remember about babies are:
  1. they must be stripped of all clothing, then wrapped in a blanky
  2. the blanky cannot be exposing any part of the baby's body except the head
  3. the babies must all be put to bed together and tucked in with bottles, bears, and blankies galore, as many layers as you can find.

Another new baby themed activity is for them to actually be the baby themselves.They climb into your lap with a blanket, towel etc., and you have to make sure they have a pappie and a stuffed animal to snuggle. Then you have to rock them and say "Awww what a cute little baby." Then they make litle baby grunting noises and nuzzle. But if a body part accidentally becomes exposed, say a foot for example, it's time to scream bloody murder til it's covered again. The cutest is when you say "Come kiss the baby" and the other one comes over and smooches her sis.

Tonite at GGs house they were making Wrinkles the pug be the baby. They have those fake baby bottles that look like they have liquid in them, so they threw the blanket over Wrinkles and she, who normally stays out of hyper twin interaction distance, went limp in defense, which was even worse for her. They made her drink the bottle and forced a teddy bear on her for good measure. Everyone including GG got sick enjoyment from the whole incident, then Wrinkles jumped up and ran away to doggy therapy. Fun was had by all.


Blogger Brandi said...

Your girls are just to darn cute!

9:45 AM

Blogger k8 said...

Thanks! I think so too but I'm prejudiced!

1:07 PM


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