This is what happens when you party too hard.
Sunday, February 20, 2005

The circus party was a smashing success. I'm gonna post a photo album link as soon as I have time to use my dad's computer. Why can't you do it from your computer? you ask. Well in case I haven't mentioned I live in a muy rural area and believe it or not, urbanites, DSL is but a distant dream. Yep that's right everything I do is dialup and the world's slowest dialup at that. SO besides that, I don't have a printer hooked up to this computer to download pix off my camera card. So sad. When I want to post pictures it's gotta be done somewhere else. And even if I did have a way to download it would take fooooooreeeeeveeeeer. So hopefully tomorrow with the pictures.

Back to my original point which was, the party went great. I have to say the decorations were awesome for being so cheap. You'll see. We made this tent thing on the ceiling with those colored plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Tree. Originally I had wanted to make the whole inside ceiling look like you were inside a tent but that was too much trouble. I have a tendency to think big. Sometimes too big. Anyway it looked cool. I had alot of help so bigups to the party crew.

So after the fiesta, the girls came home and went to bed and then started barfing and having diarrhea chachacha. Then me. Lovely. We were up all night. Pounding headache- and then all day today too. Nice. Lots and lots of loads of laundry. If it wasn't for my mom I don't know what I would have done. She didn't get the funky bug but my dad did.

Random TV thoughts by Jack Handy: My mom was watching NASCAR today, which by the way I would never voluntarily view. It made me think of the movie Six Pack with Kenny Rogers. That movie ruled. The theme song was the bomb. If you've never seen you should watch it. I think I'll order it from NetFlix.

Growing Up Gotti - have you seen this show? It's like the most horrible thing that you can't stop watching. Disgusting and fascinating simultaneously.

Noggin is the girl's favorite channel and the theme songs to the shows get stuck in your head and make you bonko.

Okay that's all for now.

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