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Thursday, February 17, 2005

All of a sudden...the talking. Oy vey amigos. In case you didn't know the chimpies got tubes put in their ears in December because they had fluid all the time, and being in the profession I am, I wasn't going to wait it out like many pediatricians recommend bc I know the repurcussions of fluid when kids are at such a crucial age for speech development. I see it all the time. Of course many will argue against ear tubes but if you would like to discuss that further, have your people email my people.

Anyways, they have been busting out with about 2 new words a day for the past week or so. Soos n socks. Baby, but more like this- BAAAAby! dutty (dirty clothes) ga-ga(cacapoo pants) (with holding of nose and pointing to sister's backside) doggy puppy kee-ca (kitty cat) peez (please) gram-pa gee gee (GG - my grandmother) and so on and so on. As I have mentioned before they have definite ideas about what they will and won't do, so they may say a word then refuse to repeat it until a few days later.

BTW I'm listening to my radical pink mini ipod that my ultracool bosses gave me for Christmas along with an Audible subscription (yes,they rock) and highly recommend a new album from iTunes called iWorship - lots of great new Worship songs. Got it today. Love the David Crowder Band sp?. They're on it. It's a mix CD.

I wish you could see the most adorable dresses I got the girls for next Christmas at the Children's Place Outlet in AZ. Mom got cousin A the matching set. They're not on the website anymore bc they're last year's Christmas line but they are the CAAAYOOOTEST! They're dark red short sleeves with the satin on top and the big fluffo tulle skirt on the bottom and a big sash. They have the matching overjacket of the same color - it comes right below the armpits and is velvet with fur collar and cuffs. Cuteness factor - overloading the scale, people.

Oh my gosh my baby boo bears will be dos- count em - 2- years old tomorrow.
They were and still are little miracles and tangible evidence of the power of prayer.
Born February 18, 2003 at 8:40 & 8:42 pm after alot of scary stuff survived with mucho prayery stuff. I love them desperately.

Thanks, Big Guy, for the baby angels. Love, K8


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