This kid has attitude.
Monday, February 28, 2005

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And I mean serious attitude. It developed like a Polaroid picture. One day, nice little baby, next day, BAM, screamer. My mom took this picture of Hannah yesterday when I was in the bathroom. This is what she does about 50% of the time when I dare to go in the bathroom or my bedroom, which is the other door you see in the photo, or in the kitchen and shut her out.

Would you look at this child? Accompanying this banging is a high pitched primal monkey scream which could be like just a general AYAYAYYAYAY Indian war whoop, an ear piercing MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMY! (repeat,) or just recently added for your listening pleasure HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY BAAAAAAAAAABY! I keep telling her my name is not baby, it's mommy. When the screaming is to no avail, she adds an additional attention getting measure; she gets down on the floor and sticks her hands and/or feet under the crack and sweeps them back forth. Lily will yell sometimes but nothing like this. What to do? I've tried everything I can possibly imagine. Nothing works.

Hannah has always been the dominant child, starting from the womb. When I was pregnant, she was always the kicking and pushing instigator. Twice I had to go to the hospital to get monitored because she pushed Lily around so that the home health nurse couldn't find her heartbeat. I mean, it's not like meanness, it's just like a "Miss Hotstuff" type thing, if you know what I mean.

Also note the skid mark on the wall. There used to be a pressurized swinging baby gate there until Hannah figured out that if she karate kicked it hard enough for long enough it would pop off so she could squeeze through like a little mouse through a hole. The whole wall was white until then. She is completely determined to get what she wants.

I don't even want to think about the teen years.


Anonymous Echo said...

I have no advice, just *hugs*!

I wish I could go to the bathroom alone, too. These days Jaiden opens the door and says, "What you doing, Mommy?" Gee, I wonder. ;)

Good luck!

2:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess your gonna have to call in the supernanny. Have you ever seen the show on TV? She can do anyyyyyyythanggg.

3:10 PM

Blogger Leann said...

Get this book
I've used the Love and Logic concepts for years when I taught and I'll use them with my twins! Goodluck!

4:32 PM

Blogger k8 said...

thanks echo!

to anonymous...send the supernanny! or just her advice!

4:33 PM

Anonymous "Braxton" said...

All I can say This is my first visit....I found you by looking up 'Hannah' in the Technorati search engine...I'll surely be back and commenting from time to time. My daughter's name is Hannah, and she turned 2 last November. I'm one of the lucky parents I suppose. Our Hannah is quiet natured...She likes getting what she wants but she has a different angle at getting it.

12:48 AM


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