Big Girls
Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mommy's big girls are in their toddler beds now. I'm really pleased at how well they've adapted in just a couple days. Of course they have a tendency to play around at first when they go for nap time and I have to go back in, but overall they're doing well. The only problem...they're way too intelligent for their own good. There's this shoe holder thing that hangs behind the door and I moved all the shoes to the upper pockets so they couldn't reach them. Today when I went in after their nap, they had used their Wondertwin powers to push Lily's bed over to the shoe holder so they could stand on tippy toes and take the shoes out. So today I went to the hardware store to buy pipe brackets to screw the legs of the beds to the wall so they can't move them. Their room is like a cotton candy juvey lockdown unit.

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