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Monday, March 14, 2005

Okay this is a crazy idea, but hey, I'm a crazy kinda gal. Here's what I was thinking...

I need a new computer. Not just want, but really need one. The one I have is an older mini hp made for Walmart and it was given to me by a friend when her daughter left for college. It's really slow, and has hardly any memory. (Not to sound ungrateful , if not for it, I would have no computer right now.) I definitely cannot afford to buy a new computer.

I am recently divorced, and my ex is MIA paying no child support whatsoever. My job is good but notlike I'm gonna be a millionaire and each month I pay out of that salary, health insurance for my kids, college loans, car insurance, electric, phone, gas, groceries, diapers, etc. My parents help me out quite a bit on the diaper tip cuz 2 monkeys =alot of dirty diapers and pullups. I have no credit cards, and I don't buy coffee - I make my own and I don't go out for lunch.

I'm going to put a Paypal donation button up over on my sidebar for anyone who would like to help me get a new computer. 5 bucks? 1 buck? 5o cents? It's all good. And much appreciated.

No, I am not poor like the starving kids on TV but I definitely cannot afford a computer and printer. By the way, I would welcome your suggestions on brand, model, etc.

Why should I help you and how do I know you're not just scammin' me?
There is of course no reason for you to help me per se...I'm just a mommy on the internet. But I am an honest person and I will keep a tally of how much I have daily and when I get the computer and printer, I will post the sales receipt and a photo of the new machine.

Why don't you get another job?
Because I want to see my kids at night.

Why don't you use your tax refund?
That is taken already bc my parents lent me money to buy a used mini van when my car died and I have to pay them back.

What are you doing to help out this effort?
I will selling stuff on ebay and having yard sales to add to the total.

I would like to help you but I'm broke as a joke.
That's cool. How about mentioning me on your blog or on your fave message board?

Bottom line - lots of people need stuff. Isn't this just a blog? Don't you feel cheap begging for money? Yes, lots of people need stuff. Yes, this is a blog. And no, I don't feel bad because I'm not begging, I'm simply asking because I believe in the goodness of human nature. You can't or don't want to help- that's okay with me. You can and will help - I am eternally grateful.

How much do you think the computer and printer will cost? How long will it take to get the moolah? From looking at the Dell website, I think the total price will be about 1300. I have no idea no long it will take to get the money. If 1300 people give me 1 dollar, it won't take long! If 2600 people give me .50, it will take a little longer! Plus what I'm making on the side and adding in.

UPDATE: Somebody gave the Monkey Mama a HP All in One. But guess what- it won't work with my computer. So I think I'm shooting for like 900-1000. Somebody tell me what the best computer is. I've been looking but it confuses me.

Please feel free to email me or comment on any ideas you may have to help me out. If you don't want to help, please don't send me any mean messages because I am not a scammer or an ax murderer, I'm just a nice person with cute kids who is just trying to get a computer.


Anonymous Shanee said...

Seeing as I'm in the same state as yu, I don't have much to spare right now, but I will soon and I'll help. But I'm not sure fi you know but Dell finaces if you're able to. Good Luck!

11:52 AM

Blogger k8 said...

Thanks, Shanee. I am finally out of credit card debt and I want to stay there!!! Thanks for the suggestion though. I couldn't afford another monthly payment anyhow! :)

11:59 AM

Blogger Renee said...

I really like the monkeys so i am helping should have a paypal email shortly!:-) What is your ebay name? I like to buy on there and my daughter will need more clothes soon....:)

12:42 PM

Anonymous Amy said...

Do NOT get a Dell. I had one for 4 years and it sucked pretty hard. Get an HP.

12:52 AM

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11:22 PM

Blogger Quit Smoking said...

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4:17 PM

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6:36 AM

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5:34 AM

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