Diapers & Dollar Bins
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hey what's up people- I've been away at a doctor's appointment all day today and it's late. Thank God for "Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue Bear" who keep my kids ALL DAY AND NIGHT when I have to go somewhere. (Nothing is near here.) Not only do they keep the monks alot, they take them out to eat just about every Friday night. How about that?

My mom went with me today and I had to go by Sam's Club and get 2 cases of diapers and wipes. Having twins a lot of the time you have duplicates of everything in your cart, and people going by and especially the cashier are always buggin' like... hmmmm? I always have to say "Twins." You'd think folks would figure it out. But hey, it gives me a chance to whip out the photos. Believe me, a cart piled up with diapers and baby wipes is the ultimate dude magnet. HA!

We went by to see my sister afterwards. Which brings me to another couple of questions-two of the ones that Echo asked-How many siblings do you have?- Do you have any nieces or nephews? You already know about my bro and I also have a sister who is 28. She and her hub have that cutey patootey up there- baby Ava who will be 1 in April. My sister teaches middle school math. As I mentioned in my 100 things, she is the cutest- basically a walking Barbie. We're definitely on different ends of the genetic pool. She and my brother look more like each other and my mom , and I look like my dad.

When she was born, I was so jealous and I didn't want her. For some reason when she came home from the hospital,everybody who came to see her had to wear one of those masks over their mouth and nose. I remember sneaking in the room when no one was looking and pulling my mask down and breathing real heavy in her face. Give me a break- I was only 4! Anyway, I'll have to give you more info on this chick tomorrow when my brain is not about to shut down.

We all went to Target together and my mom got the girls the sweetest tank tops- they're hot pink with a little strawberry on the front that's clear plastic sewn on with glitter inside. I got the girls each a board book from the dollar section at the front. Don't you love the Target dollar bins? Every time you go in there there's something new & cool in that section. Guess what else I got? A cute little purple post it pad made in the shape of a computer and the screen says LUV 2 BLOG. Cute and cheesy! Love it.

Okay- about to fall asleep. More random babbling tomorrow. ;)


Blogger Fizzy said...

Hey you sound shattered. My kids are the only grandchildren on each side of the family. My sister ( who I do not see a lot of ) isn;t having kids and my Brother -in-law in not with us any more. My in-laws and parents take care not to go mad over the kids and that is great but they love them both greatly. I think it is a bit sad that they do not have cousins but I can not do anything about it. your niece looks georgous.

7:34 PM

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