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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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Hey you. Have you read the post below this one called Get to know me, amigos? (You can read it and come back here if you want.) I want to know what youse guys would like to know about me, questions that have come up for you reading my blog, anything about me, my kids, my life, etc. So far I have 2 lonely (but good!) comments so get to work and send me your questions/ inquiries etc.

I'm going to start answering...

Anonymous said...
What about your wonderful siblings? I hear your brother is the coolest guy in the world......

Well hardy har har! I wonder who this anonymous little commenter is! Let's see- my brother. He's two years older than me and he lives in the Southeast US. Like I said in my 100 things, he works for the government but that's all I can tell you or he'd have to kill you. He is like a super fanatical firearms expert type dude who even makes his own bullets, which to me is unbelievable crazy cuz like what if the gunpowder blew up or something? He teaches people to shoot stuff too. I guess shoot at stuff and hit it would be a better description. He only comes home to Monkeyville like once or twice a year because he's too busy working and doing law enforcement stuff and taking classes to find out how to shoot more stuff better and learning how to protect our dear country against those terrorists. When were having all those terrorist threats alot on all the national monuments he would get called from his regular job to do special assignments like once he went to guard the St. Louis Arch and he was driving a Hummer and holding this big semi automatic weapon that looked like something GI Joe uses. I know becasue he emailed us pictures. Not making this up. He is a computer whiz too and can freak you out when he's home and you ask him to check your computer and he picks it up and cracks it open like a nutshell and starts pulling all the guts out and rearranging them.

On the personal tip, he gets a girlfriend and keeps her until she starts telling him she wants to get married or else and then he does the or else part. My mom is all like "When are you gonna reproduce???" He has bizarre musical taste that ranges from Joan Osborne to Motley Crue to this weird Celtic band I can't remember the name of that plays at those festivals where people dress up like knights and stuff. But I don't think he dresses up like that. He has really big hairy feet that we have nicknamed "the Hobbit feet" and he likes to play the air guitar with his eyes closed and squinting like "Dude this Scorpion tune is hittin'."

And he's really smart - he got a double bachelor's and a Master's and I think he wants to get a Doctorate too. When he comes home we revert to childhood and he does stuff like come up behind me and pluck my head and I do stuff like come up behind him and kick the back of his kneecap except now he like spins around and gets you in a kung fu death grip in less than a second and I think he can kill a man with one finger but I'm not sure. He's a granola who likes to wear Tevas and hike for fun and sleep out in the woods and hunt wild boar. He likes to eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough. I guess that's all I can think of for now. Here's a picture of him at some training thing rapelling down a building and I think it's okay to post because you can't really see him or tell where he is.

OK what else do you all want to know?

PS Okay now send me some money rich boy!

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