15 Minutes of Internet Time...
Monday, August 22, 2005

Computer guys were supposed to have called between 9 and 12 to set time to come replace the part. 11 am... no call. Raise your hand if you're shocked.

Throat- good
Ear- mucho pain, still. Going to MD today.

Vacation summary- nothing to get excited over. Didn't go far. Visited with sister, swam, ate lots of crap, and shopped for stuff I needed for the new house. Found just about everything.

Are roosters a cheesy kitchen theme? Do tell.

My kids were diagnosed with eczema. Brought on by environmental allergies... Ever heard of that?

Starting new job next Monday. Trying to get moved by then. Painters finished, sofa delivery Thursday. Oh yeah, I got a microfiber couch with double recliners. It's like a browny-taupey-sagey color. Confused??

It's like this but not this exact color and it has buttons you push to recline instead of the big handle. Face it, America, microfiber is the new suede. And no animals had to die.

But if I could afford it animals would die bc I really wanted leather but too expensivo. :)

I hope I remember to take before and after pictures. I probably will forget.

Okay, gotta go. I miss your blogs, people. Sniff.



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