The anticlimactic moment...
Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Alright kids, here it is. And don't be ticked at k8 when you read it and say, "That's it???" You see, while it may not seem like a big thing to you, it is a major thing for me.

I have been working at the same job for almost 4 years. While I previously envisioned myself retiring from this same job, recent circumstances (the Friday before last) have begun to make me question my future at this job. I started praying about what I should do (or not do.)

In case you have been reading this site but have not read my 100 things- how DARE you- I used to teach Spanish but stopped, not bc I didn't like teaching but bc I didn't like the politics of the school where I was involuntarily transferred.

The weekend before last after prayerful consideration, I had my mom's friend (who has contacts) make some inquiries for me to see if there was a Spanish job open in the Monkeyville school system. I figured there wouldn't be, and that would be the end of it. Spanish jobs are not easy to get bc they're not like other subjects where there are alot of teachers needed, like English or Math. Mostly there's one, maybe 2 teachers at each school who stay there til they croak or retire, whichever comes first.

She called that Monday night and said a job had just opened up and I should call the school board office. I called Tues morning, left my info; 2 hours later they called back and wanted me to come at 1pm for an interview, so I did. After that, the same day they sent me to interview w both principals (it's a travelling job,) and on the way home the Asst. Super. called my cell and offered me the job.
Whoa nelly.
I feel like this is meant to be bc everything happened like that. Of course I did not take the decision lightly bc the job I have, I started from scratch, built up my department from nothing, went to school, took the tests to get licensure- basically killed myself for. I thought I would be there forever. But God was like, um... negative.

I couldn't tell you through all the interviews, phone calls, stress, etc. bc I don't think it's professional until I told my bosses, which I did yesterday. I don't know exactly who reads this from where so I didn't want to take the chance. I will be telling you more as the days go by about what exactly I'll be doing. It's awesomely exciting for me!

I can make more money, cuz the job I got is the bomb, get off earlier, and have holidays and summers off with my kids. That is really important for me bc they'll be in school sooner than I want to think and I'll be there for them. It's the next best thing to what I would really like to do, which is be home all day and homeschool them. Obviously that's not gonna happen, so God gave me this opportunity which has been really quick and stressful because normally you make moves like this after considering it for a while.

So boys and girls of the globe, that is the big thing about which you have gotten yourselves worked up. I hope you don't think it's a big letdown. :)

And of course we have the Mexico trip- we're leaving Saturday, moving to a new house, yada yada. Not enough happening ya know.


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