Watch my adorable kids do the same thing 80 times.
Saturday, July 30, 2005


In unrelated news:

This page lists the keywords that people use to find your site in each of the search engines that are currently sending you traffic.
Some recent entries...

  • priscilla presley's plastic surgery photos
  • scared monkeys
  • gina wild pics (hubba hubba gina!)
  • kick me in the head
  • matador bust
  • Madwoman with a mania of envy
  • toe cheese
  • "cool questions to ask people"
  • syndrome blinkies
  • I am constantly washing my hands and I am cautious
  • kids make a person and dress it up and make fries
  • "slice the ice or pay the price"
  • run monkeys run

  • I thought I was weird. Now I feel semi-normal.

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