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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Gayla tagged me with this meme a long long long time ago. I'm slack but here I go...

What's On Your Bedside Table?

2 books...this one and this one (HA! That second one will make you laugh when I tell you what they did today)

A mini hair clippy thing like I wear all the time at home to pull my bangs back. Like this pic but not flowers just plain. I have a wide variety - my faves are pink glitter.

A bottle of Jergens Ultra Healing lotion

A lamp

My pink ipod mini

Does this make me boring? I think so. I tag Tee, Christi, Gina, Steve, Michael, Sandy, and you. Because I know I forgot alot of people off the top of my head. Let me know if you do it so's I can be nosy.

Okay so today when I got home I look at the kids and go "Why is their hair wet?" though I really didn't want to know bc it meant they had to have a bath at 430pm. Turns out they crept up the dresser after their nap and somehow procured the jar of vaseline and did each others' hair in mohawks. I put them BACK in the tub and tried to get it out. Twice w Gerber and twice w Dawn didn't do jack buddy. And my sister's here and we're going to the carnival tonight to see all the people we haven't seen since last year at the carnival. Sweet.

FYI: Robert Cheesebrough lived to the age of 96 and claimed to have eaten a spoonful of Vaseline everyday. He was such a believer in Vaseline that during a bout of pleurisy, he had his body completely covered with it from head to toe. He soon recovered. Oy vey.

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