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Monday, July 25, 2005

I did it. I made the big move. I know I should have done it long before now but I was just so used to the old comfy way of doing things that I was afraid to break into new territory. I was stuck in the big old rut of habit. Now that I've done it I'm a believer and I'm telling everybody they should do it too cuz it's so much better and easier, not to mention faster.

I switched from Explorer to Firefox.
You should too. Don't think- just act.

Well everybody loves a little juicy controversy and the other day when I wrote about being attacked on the twin message board, not only did they stalk my blog and talk more trash about me, but a couple o' peeps left comments and wanted me to post the thread in question here on my blog. I did consider it.

But after prayerful consideration, while the human side of me would love to make them look like bigger idiots than they already make themselves out to be, the Jesus side of me decided not to. I will tell you that the whole thing started out with a comment I made on a post about homosexuality and the Bible. Okay, stop right there and stop assuming.

No I was not harrassing gays or being negative about gayness in general, I was irked at the essay that was posted by a chick on the board where a gay guy went through all these multiple rationalizations and tried to disprove the way the Bible has been translated and interpreted to try and prove that the Bible actually says homosexuality is okay. I'm sorry but there is absolutely no way I can go with that.

As Christians we are called to love everybody and that includes gay people too. Hey gay people, you are welcome here on my blog! We are supposed to show Christ's love to them and respect them as human beings. But there ain't no way you're gonna convince me that the Bible condones homosexuality. Nevah evah evah. Then the while thing got worse when I was set up with loaded questons about gay rights, gay marriage, gay this and gay that.

What I didn't know is that while the site says it's a message board for parents of twins, it's allegedly a breakaway group from the original Twins magazine message board. They allegedly left during a period allegedly called the Original Exodus and formed their own message board. Guess why. Go ahead, guess.

You got it- they were allegedly were censored for angry comments about gayness. Because the leader is allegedly gay. Man, do I ever manage to get myself up in the middle of some schtuff. So I think the board is misleading. Instead of being called a twins board it should be called a gay/radical feminist board for people who happen to have twins. And the byline should say "If you are a Republican, don't even bother."

I have learned from this experience though. Relearned I should say. No matter how you try to explain or discuss something with someone and want to make them understand your point of view, if their heart is hardened, it ain't gonna happen. It doesn't matter what the topic is. The only thing you can do is share and then let it go. Debating and verbal sparring will get you nowhere with someone who doesn't want to hear what you're saying. Only God can make info absorb into the brain and then drop from the head to the heart.

That's why He's God, dude. He's cool like that.


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