Saturday, July 16, 2005

Okay Haloscan is on my Tick List. Not only now are people having problems opening my comments but now theyre actually dissapearing! Dude. That is wack to da max. I love my comments. They're like little happy notes my friends wrote me.

Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow and runs every night until Friday??? Great paper plate craft, batman that's a long freakin time. But I am seriously considering skipping the last night which is the closing ceremony thingy and going to see James Taylor in concert with my sister. Stacy are you reading this? Do you still wanna go? One good thingis..get this...they have free dinner every night at 5:30-6. So you don't have to cook all week. Now that's special. The kids are always a trip and I have fun. I will take some pics to show you guys as we romp around the craft room gluing and cutting and markering.

I forgot to tell you our new Pastor is so far so good. His sermons have actually taught me something. I need it lemmee tell ya.

Let's see, any other random thought for you---oh yeah I got MSN Messenger now. So if you want to chatty chat chat just use my email address for my ID -it's over to the left there somewhere, tay?

Cute Babies at the Park Yesterday

Lily on the top, Hannah on the bottom.
Feeding the duckies.
I bought these Gymboree Whale Watching dresses from eBay for $10 for both. Yeah baby! You know how much Gymboree costs...and for two kids? It's crazy.ebay is the way to go fah real.
if you cant open comments cuz haloscan is wacked, right click the talking banana comment link and open in a new window.


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