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Thursday, July 07, 2005

So I took Hannah Grace to the pediatrician today because she has more severe symptoms than Lily. What they think the girls have is rotavirus. Renee gets the prize for guessing the cause of the mucho poopoo.

As far as I can see, these kids have no hope of being anything but complete fluffy prissy girly girls. They do love riding on Poppop's tractor and dig big trucks, but more than that they like dolls, makeup, purses, shoes, and playing dressup. I am guilty of buying them a Barbie doll even though they're 2 yrs 4 months and the box says not for kids under 3. No alarm went off when the cashier rung it up, thank goodness. It was the plain kind with just a nice simple conservative dress on, thank you. And I took her shoes off before I gave it to them. They totally dig her even though now she is stripped and her hair looks like her name should be Asylum Barbie instead of Dinnerdate Barbie. So shoot me they were only three dollars each.

On that note, they are really spoiled little chickadoodles lately. (Not bratty, mind you, they say please, thank you, and other little polite phrases while ripping their gifts open.) On the fourth, our friend Carole Anne and her son Jakie came by and brought the girls those cool new bubble toys that are spill resistant. I say resistant not spillproof cuz these primates can spill anything that says spillproof in less than 30 seconds. They had fun playing outside blowing bubbles, then trying to drink them. I was hoping they would burp bubbles afterwards but no such luck. Only in the movies I guess.

Earlier in the day Uncle Bobbob and Aunt Sue had brought them over complete princess dress up outfits with tiaras, fluffy ballet dresses, and high heel shoes with jewels. They insisted on wearing the "hats" outside later while blowing bubbles. It may just be me, but I do believe if any children deserve to be spoiled, these do!

Behold, las princesas de rotavirus.
Hannah Grace

Lily Joy

Yes,their shirts say Drama Queen, and no, I did not plan that.

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