When I was by myself in the bathroom and I laughed out loud, the lady who was waiting looked at me weird.
Monday, June 27, 2005

I have had these two pictures on my phone for so long I can't remember when I took em. I finally remembered to send them to myself via email so's I could post them. Finally I've found someone to show the crazy stuff I see that makes me laugh to...YOU! I took these w/ my phone so they're a little blurry.

Here's an antique wooden postcard I saw in a junkshop near Monkeyville
In case you can't see it says "It starts when you sink in his arms...and ends with your arms in the sink!" HA! I need to remember this for if and when I ever gits me a man.

Here's a sticker that I saw in the bathroom at the grocery store.
It's a PETA sticker that says "I am not a nugget!" and someone wrote above it "yes U R." I laughed out loud, for both the humor of the sticker, (like that would make me not eat chicken), and the comment over it.

Okay I know you've been living in suspense to find out where I'm going on vacation. Well, I started out w the Dominican Republic, then I ruled that out when I saw how close I would be to Haiti. The whole government unrest/guerilla warfare thing is just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttle creepy for me. I know it's a big vacation destination but I can't do it. Right now anyway. Then I went through all the other Caribbean islands, no , no, no, no, Hawaii, too expensive unless I stay w Sandy but my mom and sister will be there too so can't do that, then I came up with ...MEXICO! Since I speak Spanish and it's a good deal for flight and resort packages, it's perfecto! And yes, I'm getting prematurely excited but I haven't had a real good vacation like this since my honeymoon and we're not even gonna go there.

We're going to the
Riviera Maya Soooooo exciting. We're gonna do it all...snorkelling, swiming w dolphins, Mayan Ruins, discos, yeah baby! Of course by we I mean me and my sister though my mom may go with us on some. I can't wait. (Echo, you're small enough to squeeze in a suitcase if you can find a babysitter!)


ps every time i try to use the computer now, Hannah first tries to lure me out of the room by yelling "I pooped mommy, I pooped", and grabbing her butt. Now that I've caught onto that trick she tries to bully me by pointing to the floor out in the hall and saying "OUT mommy, get OUT." I have no idea where she gets this bossy behavior from at all. ahem.


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