Do they like me mummy?
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

As blogging becomes more and more popular and more people jump on the blogtrain to bloggyville, blog related syndromes are bound to emerge.
Blog Insecurity: You post what you feel is a thought provoking or endearing post , or maybe it's just cute pix of the kiddos. You check and there are no comments. Panic sets in. You ask yourself, "who am I blogging for- myself? or the masses? am I blogging for internal reasons or external affirmation?" or maybe "does this blog make me look too fat?" or "is this template turning friends away- is it too busy? "are my blinkies causing nervous tics in readers with undiagnosed medical issues?"

Blog Envy: oh my goodness look at her new design, it's cooler than mine quick somebody get me a new template before i lose blogcredibility fer real.

Blog Surfing Fetish: Can't stop clicking next blog button...must read another blog...must comment on everything from aunt hilda's hairgrease to chocolate cake recipes

Blog Disgust/Obsession: Stalks blogs obsessively, thinks "this person is a real jerk" or "this chick is an idiot," never comments, yet returns daily to the url to see what's up.

Blog Blinkie Mania: can't stop searching for new cool witty blinkies for sidebar. gets ecstatic when she finds one nobody else has on their blog!

Blog Comments- Quality or quantity?

Blog Posting- Poco or mucho?

Blinkies: Nice or Evil?

Unkymoods: Real person or Blogbot?

Beanies and Weenies: a delicious meal or a no-no?

This post: Semi insane or completely crrrrrrrrrrrrrrazy?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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