Welcome, Baby Taryn.
Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Hoo-ray. Taryn was born today. Monkey love to Christi, baby, and family.

Speaking of babies, I will be sure not to leave my monkies with Taryn or any other young child unless it is either latex or stuffed. Lately their big thing with the babies is cooking them in their Little Tikes Tea Party Kitchen. You can fry a bigger baby doll in a pan on the stove with real sizzling sounds or shove a smaller one in the microwave and press the buttons a few times to get a "hot hot baby" as they say. Thank goodness there is no cannibalism involved since they don't eat the cooked or fried babies, they just wash them off and move on to other things. "HOT, mama! HOT baby." That's when you have to blow on it to cool it down. The things these kids think of, they scare me. Yet I am sickly amused at the same time. Ain't mommyhood terrific?

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