Tuesday, June 07, 2005

nobody loves me.

Judging from the low number of comments and the hate email I received, in combination with the burnt emery board someone FedExed me, my readers did not like the toe cheese post yesterday. But you know what, that's fine. Cuz somebody had to do it and if I have to face low numbers and negative blogo-vibes due to that fact that I am the only one willing to stand up for global foot health, that is okay with me. I will be the pedi-martyr.

It's hard sometimes being the cutting edge blogger that I am. Into what category do I fit? Mommy blogger? Religious blogger? Primate blogger? Random freaky thought blogger? Gee, kids, it's like the middle school lunchroom and I'm wandering around with my tray looking lost and sad. NOT.

Ha! I'm sitting at Christi and Echo's table to annoy them. And if you want to sit with us, that's fine but be prepared to give up your dessert.

I'm going to blog tonite. Will it be about my children, Jesus, or earwax? I guess you'll just have to wait to find out.


ps i know it's annoying that everytime now you come here you hear an indian flute but it's the slideshow music and i like it there. so just grit your teeth and wait til it gets kicked to the archives. BA-DOW BABY this is MY BLOG. Mama's little piece of internet real estate. Cha ching. It's prime property.

pps mad props to yesterday's commenters yo.

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