Friday, May 27, 2005

In Monkeyville, the one thing you must do when someone dies is eat. Alot.

What happens is after the service, which we had at the church, you go next door to the Monkeyville Fellowship Hall where the ladies of the church have prepared a massively huge spread that takes three long tables that look like they will collapse from the weight for the dinner and 2 tables for the all the desserts. And since your nerves have been bad and you haven't eaten all day you suddenly realize you're voraciously hungry and you eat til you feel bloated and immobile. I ate ham, turkey, meatballs, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, baked corn, baked pineapple, congealed salad, bean salad, green beans, and pickled watermelon rind. (It's the South.) Don't even get me started on the desserts- pies, cakes, brownies, cobblers, fruit, yada yada. Red velvet and coconut custard pie. Gug.

Actually, the food (and flowers) start coming as soon as the news hits the street. Everyone starts baking first- there are like three cakes right now in my grandmom's fridge- then cooking cooking cooking. People start coming with fried chicken, ham, bbq, deli trays, rolls, salads, and moremoremore. The unspoken rule is that the family should not have to cook until like 3 days after the funeral at least. All you do is make the iced tea.

I will have to bike approximately 3,592 miles to work off the food.

The service was really nice and happy and sentimental and there was live bluegrass music which is always enjoyable. Of course I was sad too. My sister and Ava and my bro are all home so we're going to da beach tomorrow.

Thank you everybody who left such nice comments. No bull it made me feel better. And if you didn't leave a comment but thought something nice or prayed, thanks too.

ps i have not forgotten about the music meme or the 10 things meme. i'll have my people work on those.


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