Monday, May 23, 2005

...we fly out in the morning! I am so excited to get home and see my monkey meats! I got them Graceland tshirts today with sparkly pink cadillacs on the front. ha! I will also admit I did end up buying some other Elvis goodies, to be revealed at a later date. I will have to give you all the juicy details when I get home and upload my pictures, but the tour was alot more interesting than I thought it would be. Just as I had suspected, the King was a huge fan of monkeys and there were several located throughout the house. Of course I photographed them don't be silly.

Afterwards my mom and brother who had driven up from MS went downtown to check out the tourist stuff in the yucky yucky heat while I luxuriated in the luscious Memphis weather poolside. I had the whole pool to myself since this is like a business inn type place with no families. It was super- dee-duper.

Now I'm gonna finish packing cuz we out like early in the mornin yo. I hate the rushrush rental car return get to the airport get thru security scene. But I"M GOING HOME TO MONKEYVILLE! Yip.


ps i will wave as i'm flying over your house so stand outside and wait for the plane, k?


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