Saturday, May 21, 2005

I'm still on the lobby computer bc my bro's not getting here til later tonite and I can't post pictures on this cuz it doesn't let you right click or copy and paste. The puppy plans fell thru but we went to eat at a cool Irish pub. The waiter was completely stoned out of his gourd but the food was great. We had a blackened filet mignon with fresh mushrooms and potatoes and veggies w a salad. Mmm mmmm mmm!

Tomorrow the class is over and we're hitting GRACELAND baby. I'm not a big Elvis fanatic but still I think it will be cool to the the King's crib. I will take alot of photos so let me know if you have any specific requests. ha!

In my absence and my sis has dutifully posted monkey pics on her site cuz she was at my house today. Go check em out! Now we're going to Starbucks's to get a goody before we turn in for the nite. TTYtomorrow



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