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Friday, May 13, 2005

Here's what my brain looks like.rainbow

One cool thing about blogging is getting to know people you otherwise would never meet. I have made lots of happy slappy amigos since I started this blog. Some may claim I'm stalking them but it's not true. How could I ever afford or have time to stalk someone who doesn't live in my immediate vicinity? I mean, get real. But I do like to talk to people on the phone bc I'm a people person and I like to have a voice to connect with the blog. Others prefer to remain unheard by me. sniffles

Along those lines I thought I would share a glimpse into my life with you, my dearhearts. Here're a few little tidbits.
k8podIpod Top 5 (random order)
Voice of Truth (live version) Casting Crowns
O Praise Him David Crowder Band
Fire and Rain James Taylor
Lightning Crashes Live
Lonely No More Rob Thomas

Favorite Beverage (right this minute)
main_photo_newproducts_dietcoke_splendathe new Diet Coke with Splenda

Favorite Eats
grapes red seedless grapes
SC_HeaderBanneredyscoffee flavor light ice cream

Favorite Hair Product
12565746Rusk Thick

Favorite TV Show
48_head5The First 48 on A&E

The Book I'm "Reading" (listening to)
ho_mermaid_chair_050412_tThe Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd

The Perfume I Always Wear
Estee Lauder Pleasures Intense (just a little spritz then walk into it)

Now picture me wearing perfume, listening to a pink ipod, eating grapes, watching the first 48, and typing on the computer. And oh yeah, wearing my favorite clothes right now.
except long and blue. Fresh Produce is my favorite brand. Soft and comfy.

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I'm a real live human person...the slightly wacky mom of 6 year old identical twin primate princesses and one 2year old monkeyboy. I'm divorced from a crazy baboon and remarried to a big snuggly gorilla. I thank God daily for my wonderful family and friends, without whom I would go berserk. My chirren are the cutest kids ever born (besides yours) and if you don't believe that you obviously need to see a shrink.

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