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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It is my humble opinion that when it comes to gas grills vs. charcoal, there is no competition. While gas is convenient and faster, nothing compares to the taste of chargrilled meat, people. We had switched to a gas grill for forever but last summer the house we rented at the lake had an old school down home big round luscious Weber charcoal grill. Hooked. Had to get one. I broke it in tonight.

I decided yesterday that everybody was eating here today and k8 was cooking bbq chicken on the grill regardless of nada. I got up this morning; the sun was shining, the birds were chirping. It was a little windy and a wee bit nippy but still nice- nothing to keep you from the gorgeous outdoors. I hauled the girls 3+ miles on the bike after I had my industrial strength coffee. Then I went to work at 1 and when I came out in the late pm it had gotten chilly and windier. Kablooey. Too bad - still gonna grill. After I came out of the tanning bed, it was colder still. By the time I got home and changed my clothes, it was downright blustery dude. Still gonna cook the chicken. Mommy needed the poultry.

Needless to say even w the Kingsford Matchlight it took quite an effort to get the grill going without setting myself on fire. The fire went out twice. I miscalculated the amount of charcoal and had to refill half way but still, it rocked. Really smokey with bbq sauce- that's nice. And for 29 cents a pound, you can't get a more economical way to chow down. I can't wait til the garden starts producing nice veggies to grill and herbs for the marination too.

In other unrelated news, next week I'm outta here on Thursday for Memphis, TN for my job. I will have no choice but to hunt down every internet cafe in the immediate area because there is no possible way I can live without the internet for let's' see... 6 DAYS???!!! Yowza batman- to even consider that makes me a little jittery. I need an Internet Anonymous Group to attend. Does anyone know of a local chapter? And who wants to meet me in Memphis? Just drive on over, down, or up there, no problem.

Anyway, gas vs. charcoal...how do you feel?


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