They're definitely bunnies.
Thursday, May 05, 2005

I cannot believe how in just 24 hours they have changed so much. They are definitely looking more like bunnies. They're getting feistier and even trying to hop a little when I take them out to feed them but still no eyeballs open. They are digging on the Kitty Milk and even made a couple of little squeaky baby sounds tonight. However they are so very small and tender and fragile. It's amazing to me how their skin is so paper thin. God is a cool Creator Guy. I think they're not out of the woods yet though. Tomorrow I will call the vet to see if they will take them or tell me someone who will. Whenever I took them out to feed them tonight the girls went berserk wanting me to give the bunnies to them. Yeah right. Then they went and got their stuffed rabbits the Easter bunny brought em and tried to force me to feed them kitty milk too. Okay, so I pretended I was feeding the stuffed bunnies kitty milk to make the monkeys shut up. So what.
Picture 014
If you click to bigify this picture you will see that Milk Replacement for Kittens makes kittens so smart and strong they can actually feed themselves from a little kitty bottle. Wow, that's alot of bang for a buck.
Picture 017
Does not look like a mouse. Shut up.
Picture 025
They like to get comfy by snuggling down in the wrinkles of the towel.

I will also take it as a good sign that one peed on my hand while I was feeding it. Kidney function, check.

PS Stop saying I'm attached to them.


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