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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Just when you thought I couldn't get any weirder, I brought my baby bunnies to work with me today. Yep, you heard me. On Thursdays we go to a satellite office like 45 minutes away and we all ride together- my boss drives. They were actually still alive when I woke up this morning so how could I leave them? My boss(male of course) was trying to act like he was disgusted and told me I should have let nature take its course and leave them to die. Well, a. I didn't find them, and b. they're baby bunnies you big brutehead. Anyway he ended up naming them. Cuddles and Snuggles. Ha! Never underestimate the power of snuggly bunnies.

So I went to Walmart and got the kitty milk replacement- who knew? You can get a can for a buck. What a bargain- so rich and creamy and full of vitamins. They sucked it down like crazy. Then they went nightnights. Not fishy nightnight, just regular nightnight. They curl up and snuggle with each other. How appropriate what with their names and all.

I am convinced they are bunnies. Today their ears are more erect and bunnylike and when they eat you can see their cute itsy bitsy bucky bunbun teefers. I have them in a Franco Sarto shoebox. Only the best for mommy's little sweethearts.

ps Christi- no that is not my finger in the picture. It's my dad's. But thanks for asking.



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