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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Name: Lily Joy aka "The Ninny Baby"
Age: 2 yrs, 2mo, 2 weeks
Height: Munchkin level
Weight: 25 lb
Special Skills: hiding dry cereal in various nooks and crannies around the house, spinning in circles with hands in air until falling down, whining for her whoa-whoa(pacifier)
Quirks: must have pacifier available at all times even if not using. hates it when something is broken, dirty or messy and obsesses whinily until said item is fixed/cleaned/thrown in trash.
Goals: removing all sand from the sandbox scoop by scoop by scoop. owning a pacifier in every shape and color. making the "p" sound.
Name: Hannah Grace aka "The Boss
Age: 2 yrs, 2mo, 2 weeks
Height: Munchkin level
Weight: 25 lb
Special Skills: screaming the word "mama" in 67 different pitch/intonation variations, faking boo-boos to get attention, bossing sister, being super cute and making kissy sounds to avoid punishment
Quirks: hates it when the plastic pack of gummies is not opened completely or is torn or ripped, only likes the filling part of sandwich cookies, is obsessed with shoes
Goals: getting over the dog gate into the kitchen alone, garnering 55% or more of anyone's attention, ruling the world

Together: can make all the animal noises, can play and fight furiously, can team up and think of lots of stuff to drive their mother to the nut bin.

Okay, let's see one of these criminal profiles on your blog for your kids, animals, or imaginary friend. This means you. Yeah you. Remember I can see you through your computer with my super monkeymommy powers. Be sure to leave me a comment so's I know.



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