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Friday, April 29, 2005

These beautiful brand new sneakers need a home. I bought them even though there was only one pair in the girls' size because I loved them. When I went to other Walmarts to find another matching pair, every Walmart within driving distance either never had them or was sold out of size 6. None of my relatives could find them in a Walmart near them either. So if you have a little princess with a slightly chubby size 6 foot (bc they're not marked wide but are not super narrow either) please let me know and I will send them to you if you promise they will be worn and loved and not sold on ebay or at your yard sale.

I found some paint with water books in a 2 pack at the dollar store! I was excited bc I remember my mom used to let us do paint with water with our own little cups and Qtips and I thought it was sooooo fun. I tried w the girls today with them in their high chairs, of course, and they totally dug it dude!

Note the intense concentration. Must. Paint. Paper. They screamed when I finally made them get down. I have the Crayola ColorWonder fingerpaints but they didn't really get into those like they did this.

I have also started letting them play with PlayDoh in their high chairs too. They like making pancakes. I remember having the machine that made Playdoh spaghetti but they're too little for that. We have the Fisher Price Healthy Care highchairs with the removable tray so I just take the top part off.

I was also thinking about other cool stuff we used to do. My mom used to put food color in water and then we would pick Queen Anne's Lace and put the flowers in the colored water and overnight the flowers would turn colors and we thought that rocked! We also did the peanut butter pinecone bird feeder thingy and the sweet potato toothpick root growy thingy.

What are some fun little people projects you do/did with your baby mammals or your parents did with you?


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