Bad to the Bone
Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Last week I showed you the girls on a Harley from 1 year ago. Our pastor right now rides a Harley so since he has been here we have had an annual Bike Blessing Day where all the bikers come to church and then we crack open a keg. JUST KIDDING (man some people have no sense of humor.) No, we pray over them and their bikes and then we have a BBQ lunch oh yeah yummy. Anyway this year's was last Sunday and it was nice weather. The girls had a good time.
Seconds after this picture was taken it was like a big domino game. (Am I joking or not- you guess.)

If these are not the sweetest boobookins muffinmeats you have ever seen you need to check yo specs.

A band of rogue bikers tried to start a fight. Those hoodlums.

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