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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Reading about everybody finding their lovah thru the internet had made me wonder- where is mine? I mean where do these people go to find people? From everything I see you have to pay money to sign up for all these online dating things and I am not that desperate yet. Just in case there are new rich male Christian readers of my blog who are looking for a demure shy Southern girl opinionated independent chick with 2 kids and who are willing to undergo a lie detector test, criminal background check, and blood analysis, here is another sultry picture of me in case you missed the Arizona one.
In all honesty I am not as skinny as I look in this picture; see last week's post about me feeling like a bloated whale. Also although I am a very pale whitey right now I am going to the tanning bed so please take that into consideration. And, I have my own health insurance so that's always a plus.

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