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Friday, April 22, 2005

I just read my last post and am I a whiner or what? Okay, don't answer. So, what's up with you? Let's see, here in Monkeyland my parents have gone to the Deep South to visit my brother and doesn't it tick me off that the weather there is 85 and sunny? No, I'm happy for them they need to get away for a few days.

Don't even start to tell me how bad the tanning bed is bc I'm going there starting today. A new place opened up about 4 minutes away and they're having an opening special. I have not tanned for quite a few years either w bed or real sun bc I a. havent had time b. see people with skin cancer at my job. You would think that seeing the skin cancer itself would be enough to make a normal person want to be pale forever but alas no, vanity wins the battle this year. I tan easily once I start going but if I don't go out in the sun I am like glow in the dark supa white. For whatever reason being tan makes me feel better about myself? Why is that? Go ahead, psychoanalyze me.

Today the weather is stark contrast from what it has been the rest of the week- blindingly bright and happy and sunny. It's cooler and overcast now. I even had to turn the heat on a tad overnight to knock the chill out of the air. I will force myself to be happy and cheerful in spite of the weather, through prayer, artificial sunlight, and if necessary pharmaceutical intervention.

My darling babies have been turning into such real people lately. I mean like verbalizing and having more different emotions. It looks like Hannah not surprisingly will likely be the spokeswoman for the pair. She has been talking alot more and telling me what they want. The other day we were outside and I brought them their lunch on plastic plates so they could eat outside and enjoy the nice weather. I put the plates down in front of them and turned to go get something and Hannah yells in this NY mafiosa attitude voice "MA." I turn around and say "what? " She gestures with her whole hand towards the table in front of them and says matter of factly in the same tone "Juice." Lily nodded in agreement. Like, why should they even have to tell me I should know they want juice. The hand gestures I do believe are derived from our darling Wednesday morning visitor Miss Jojobear who is Italian and teaches them all these things like that. When they can't find something now they put both hands palm up in the air and make a sound like "I donknow" with a little Italian lilt. Drama queens in the first degree. Evidence. Click to bigify em.

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