Babies rule the world.
Monday, April 18, 2005

The neighborhhood monkey soccer league started out the season with a strong opening game in the Monkeyville Backyard sandlot this evening. The rules of monkey soccer are a little different than traditional games of the sport. There were three young primates, each acting as their own individual team, attempting to either kick, pass, or pick up and run away screaming with the ball. Also fair game for kicking was the sand itself and large chunky pebbles mixed in with it. Several adults originally acting as referees also functioned as monkey catchers as each team would at times attempt to escape from the playing field to run and jump in the freshly tilled sod of the neighbor's backyard garden. All in all it was a good game, with lots of sharing, screaming, chasing, high pitched shrieking, and no sand in the eyes of any young mammals. Each monkey scored one point for cuteness and sportsmanship ending in a tie score. A goods time was had by all and the Monkey Mama, after bathing, feeding snacks and milk to, and kissing the monkeymeats night night is completely exhausted and may collapse into a lifeless lump of lard at any given second.

Okay, you dudes have spoken and it will be a Dell. Now I just have to decide which one.

Yay for not having to be at work at 7am tomorrow- now if the kids would sleep til 8 I would be ecstatically happy. yeah right. They know when I want to sleep late and so they set their secret baby alarm clocks to 7am so they can start banging on the wall and screaming "Maaaa maaaa maaaa juuuiiiiice maaaaaaa juuuiicceeeee" until I cannot ignore them any longer & drag myself out of bed to fulfill their wishes. Babies completely have it made. No matter how frustrated you are all they have to do is smooch you or give you a sweet look and you're under their sick little spell. Kids- why do they have to be so doggone cute anyway? And don't forget the part where we have to wipe their butts- now that's the life. Just wait- someday we'll be old and they'll be changing OUR diapers. HA!

Preparing to pass out...xok8


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