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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Ohmygoodness I don't even know where to start. Number one, the young mammalian creatures are completely in Snot City so I am too. It's a big Kleenex festival here in the Monkey Palace. I thought it was allergies bc it was clear (sorry non parents to gross you out) but then tonight before dinner Lily got really lethargic- she felt a little warm- and wouldn't eat nuttin but a few goldfish but she did drink some water and take chewable Tylenol and Sudafed before she went night night. Can I please shake the hand and wash the car of the man who invented these new chewable thingies for kids who won't take their medicine? I could actually hear the angels singing Hallelujah as I saw spotted them on the shelf at Target.

So besides that THE BIG GRANDE HUGE NEWS of the year is that guess what I'm totally getting a computer cuz God just gave me some money. I'm crazy? you say, alas no, mon ami, tis true. (the crazy part and the money part.) Remember (or not) how I said my whole tax refund was spent bc I have to pay my parents back the money they lent me for my mommy mini van? Well I was actually thinking it wouldnt be quite enough and I would still owe them a little. Guess what? Go ahead guess. No really guess. Okay I'll tell you. My tax refund is MORE THAN I NEED to pay them back- enough for a computer so here is me.
chimp002 Yippy skippy!

Another awesome thing is that one of my oldest and dearest friends I hadn't heard from in like forever called me this morning. I love her so much and she's like one of those friends that it doesn't matter how long it's been since we talked it's like it was just yesterday! I gave this url so maybe she's reading this! Hi janeykins! smooches.

Okay I going to go watch a rerun of Law & Order my all time favorite show but first I have to go listen to my kids breathing cuz when they're sick I'm extra super paranoid like that! xok8


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