This is me ranting like a loonatic.
Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Alright now I remember why I stopped going to church meetings. I'm serious organized religion makes me completely nuts. I know we're supposed to gather together for Worship but at my church in meetings about other stuff people micromanage the everloving stuffisis out of EVERY. LITTLE. THING. I had gotten so frustrated with the unnecessary length of meetings and the petty discussions that I had stopped going to meetings. My mommy dearest convinced me to go to this one meeting tonight for the big festival we do each year. I have been the Director since it started but I resigned this year due to irreconcilable circumstances meaning sick of running my butt off and doing everything while everybody else stood around and criticized. No I'm not talking about a job here I'm talking about something that ws supposed to be an enjoyable Jesus activity that had turned into a dreaded event for me so hasta la pasta to that. Instead of being in charge of the whole thing I'm doing the face painting booth ONLY. Ah the sensation of utter freedom.

Tonight they spent 35 minutes discussing what the cost of the all you can eat chicken and dumplings should be for a festival fundraiser. I resisted the temptation to stab myself in the eye with a pen and left.

In other news around the world, seems people are interested in the length of my leg hair. I am happy to report that right now no hair is present. By the way Intuition razors rock. I get the cartridges when they go on buy one get one sale at CVS. My sister is especially keen on my leg hair status bc when I was in college I used to shave my legs um, every so often let's say. This disgusted her. Now whenever I see her and I have something on that shows leg, which is not often as I am extremely modest & not into exposing my legmeat to the world, she inspects the length of my leg hair. Capris are about it for me. I do have a couple pairs of shorts that I wear at home and around the yard. I'm sure that seems crazy to you but in the bad old days I showed enough of everything to make up for my whole life. So now the only person who will see above my knee is my future husband if there is one, which is looking doubtful seeings as men are about as plentiful around here as good shoe stores and people who don't shoot deer.

I'm not a member of like a snake handling cult or anything and I don't care what other people wear it's just me and my quirkiness. I'm quirky. That's a shocking news flash. Oh yes and shy and quiet too. BWWWWWAAAAH HA HA! (crazy crazy laugh)


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