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Friday, April 08, 2005

I know, don't even tell me I'm a BAD BAD blogger. I have been such a slacker the last couple of days. You know, all those nights I didn't sleep attacked me all at once and I was like a walking zombie. I'm almost recovered- I slept all last night and them I got a 2 count 'em 2 hour nap today bc the girls slept that long. Yay me. And I kept them up tonight until 940 and they were like falling asleep right when we starting prayers they were so tired. So hopefully they're plumb tuckered out and will sleep until 8 tomorrow. Then I will completely rule.

This morning the girls had their 2 yr checkup. They have always been so happy and cooperative at the doctor's office. Never once have they cried not even when they would get shots. Today Hannah decided that the doctor's office is no bueno, then of course Lily had to jump on the whiny bandwagon too. Hannah was doing her red faced head shaking full primal scream temper tantrum when they just tried to weigh her for crying out loud. Luckily Lily went w the flow and so Hannah decided she couldn't be outdone. Hannah has always weighed a little less than Lil but today she weighed half a pound more. Last time they were the same height and today Lily was 1/4 inch bigger. They had to keep their clothes off til the doctor came in so since I was rushing and forgot my camera, here is a blurry camera phone pic of them in their pullups drinking their juice and chillin waiting for the doc.
FYI Hannah is on the left and Lily on the right. Everything was cool except of course as I knew the doctor said they were behind on their speech. But I'm not worrying about that bc I know twins talk later and they've been saying more lately. They were trying to be all shy when he first came in and Hannah was putting her hands over her ears like a big brat-a-tat-tat and shaking her head no when he said he wanted to look in their ears. But she watched Lily and like before had to prove that she could do it too.

Then as the exam progressed, they started showing off all their daredevil wildchild abilities. Lily went and got the metal tray on wheels and was pushing it all over the place. They were climbing from chair to chair like the monkeys they are and the pediatrician was like"Are they so active like this all the time? They're going to give me a heart attack." I said "Buddy you ain't seen nuttin yet." Then we were talking and they pushed the tray on wheels over near a chair so they could try to climb up on the tray itself. I kept telling them no but they're in the nice two year old defiant stage so the more I say no the louder they yell. Plus they were getting bored from having had to wait so long then all the stuff he had to check and then him talking to me about it. Last they had their hemoglobin check. I tried to look on the internet and see what that is for but all I got was diabetes websites. Does anyone know why they do that to kids?

So theeeeeen, tonight is Uncle Bobbob and AuntSuebear's night to come get the monkmeats and take them out to eat. Then they always spoil them by taking them to the store and letting them get a toy. My mom and I went for Chinese then to the grocery store. Wow, the grocery store without kids is like, pathetically enjoyable. You actually get to look on all the aisles and take your time deciding. This is what my life has come to- a hot Friday night for me is eating out w my ma and grocery shopping. Ima gonna git me a internet beau. Ha just kidding no way jose!!!

Tomorrow we venture to my sister's in laws house which is like 1.5 hours from here for Ava's bday party. Umm Stacy why are you having the party there? is it bc like you told me their house is bigger or is it really because YOU DONT WANT TO HAVE TO CLEAN YER HOUSE????!! Oh nevermind I'm sure your house is spotless anyway. Bwahahahaha. (me rolling in the floor in hysterical fits of laughter) I have to make broccoli salad which is where you take fresh broc. and cut the stalks off and cut the head in little florets then you put in chopped bacon, red onion and mozarella chees, then like a dressing you make that's kinda like coleslaw dressing but not exactly. Oh yeah uh huh yummy yummy.

Okay r u sick of hearing me rattle on like a big mouth wacko bc I am a big mouth wacko. I cannot forget my camera tomorrow. Can not cannot cannot. Somebody remind me por favor.
Alright I'm outta here like last year see ya round like a donut like a breeze through the trees I'm blowin out. (I RULE on the gangsta lingo tip dontcha think. I'm so totally, like, ghettofabulous.) Peace out homies and homettes. til tomorrow anyways. xo k8

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