Gimmee cheese with my whine.
Thursday, April 07, 2005

Man do I irritate myself. I haven't been able to sleep so I took a sleeping pill last night and now it's 8:49am and I'm still not awake. BTW I have to be at my job by 7am. Yucko. First I can't sleep then I can't wake up. I'm such a big whiner. Thank goodness my schedule is slow this morning or I'd be totally flailing dude.

For some reason I can't rememeber now I found this website today and it rules. I dig crafts 4 kids bc I teach Sunday School sometimes and not only is this place chock full o crafts but MONKEYS too. What more could you ask for seriously?

At my job there's always people who want to sell us stuff bringing food to bribe us and why oh why did they have to bring a big boatload of Starbuck's pastries this morning? Evil, thou name art pumpkin scone and blueberry muffin. When the goods arrive we all swarm them and elbow each other to get the good stuff. We are so sad. I go the only chocolate croissant. Go me, go me. HA!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »

12:39 AM


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