Monday, April 04, 2005

Okay so being the noncomputer person I am I had to continue in a different post bc I couldnt make it stop being left justified.

So anyway I was saying these are near and dear verses to me bc in my mind they sum up God's coolness. And they serve alot of purposes. First of all, did you read those verses or skip over em like blahblahblah Bible. If you skipped, then go back and read them for real.

Think about the last beautiful flower you saw, whether it was outside or in an arrangement. Okay you can't picture one so look at these.


God made those, HELLO. Look at the detail in just in those three species of lilies. How many more species of lilies, of flowers, are there in the world? Like a gazillion. Now how about the birds? The King James version says sparrow. How many species of sparrows are there?
There's like, a ton. Now what about all the other species and subspecies of birds? Now add up all the species and subspecies of plants and animals on the whole planet. Good googamooga Batman that'll boggle your little brain.

Now, here's the thing. If God took the time and effort to make not only every single species of plant and animal, but every single individual one of those flowers and sparrows, why don't I believe that He cares about me? The Bible is like, what are you worrying about, you're a human being with an immortal soul and they're just flowers that will eventually wither up and die so dude, how can you even question that God loves you? If He cares that much about stuff that is here today and gone tomorrow, how much more does He love you who are alive forever? I think that's beautiful. Key phrase there: - seek the Kingdom of God first and everything else will fall into place.

Really I'm not lecturing you. These are hypothetical questions for myself because even though I know these verses by heart and sit here and type what they mean I'll still find myself freaking out when something throws me off or something happens that upsets me and I'm like WHATAMIGONNADONOW? IMDEADMEAT. And that's when they'll pop into my head and I'll tell myself, k8, consider the lilies.


God is going to take care of you, oh you chick of little faith, get a grip.
God rocks like that. xok8

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