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Friday, April 01, 2005

Hello people...the Monkey Mama is in a state of absolute ecstacy at this moment. Uncle Bob & Aunt Sue just came to get the monkeys and take them away, I mean, out to eat then to go get a treat at the store. So that's a good 2 HOURS UH HUH! Aaaaaaand, my sister, her baby and my parents just left to go out to eat and go shopping too. So guess what I'm doing? Duh, I'm blogging sillyhead. And getting to catch up on some other peeps' blogs. My sister has been hogging using the computer since she got here. (She will get ticked when she reads that.) And I'm enjoying a frosty cold Mike's Light Lemonade. So there. Don't hate me because I'M FREE in a peaceful quiet house FOR 2 OR MORE HOURS. It don't happen too often.

So, on the computer tip, k8 has a grand total of 35.50. Should I give up? No, never. I have been thinking of other possible funding methods including selling my ex's super duper high powered industrial Snapper lawn chopper that's in my dad's shed. I told him I was going to do it so it's not like bad or anything. I just have to get it fixed first- I think it needs a new battery & a new tire. Come on he is not giving me jack for child support even though every time he calls he says, "I'll send you 200.00 next week." Yeah right. So I must go to these measures. I do believe w the money from that I can finally get central air put in and a new computer. So wish me luck. I'm still goin strong on eBay though. I made 100.00 off the last batch and I'm gonna list another batch this weekend. Well. I'm off to explore the blogosphere and don't forget to answer my question in the last post folks! xxxxo k8

PS so that you don't go into monkey withdrawal, here are some primate pictures. i was trying to get the girls to model their swimsuits my mom got them at old navy but of course they had to run around and goof off. They each got one of each kind. Rotten baby bears!
P1010012 Love diaper butts and chunky thigh meat!
P1010005 Lastly, a little hope that spring is approaching. Come on crocus, you can do it! Keep pushing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey come on now, the crocus is not in labor. It doesn't have to push, all it has to do is show its self.

8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »

8:27 AM


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