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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

My goodness- could it be that spring has actually sprung here in wild monkey country?? I woke up this morning to sunshine and birdies singing for the first time in I can't even remember when. It was like I was in the Snow White movie except there's only two dwarves - Whiny and Hungry. Now if it could not rain long enough to dry up all the mudholes in my driveway and the monkey play pen we'd have it goin on. Because dry monkey play yard means free range wild monkeys which means tired go to bed earlier wild monkeys. Mommy likey. Oh yes.

On a sadder note it absolutely breaks my heart on days like today when I get to go home for lunch and my little booboo bears are there and they cry and scream when I have to go. Today when I left Hannah was at the gate yelling "mama mama no" and pointing to the sofa telling me to sit down. Moms who don't have to go out of the home to their job are lucky duckies. And don't yell at me because I know that being a SAHM or WAHM is just as much actual work; it's the whole leaving thing I can't stand. I want to be there every morning when they wake up. I feel like I'm missing so much and there's nothing I can do differently. They need health insurance and food and heat and diapers. Good thing is my job is really close so I don't have a long commute like some folks do. Yay for that.

My sister and the baby starlet Ava E. are coming to stay from Thursday til Sat. I'm muy excited even though I'm sure we'll yell at each other at least half a dozen times while she's here. We're gonna work on some stuff for Ava's first bday party. I'm a big do-too-much-over-the-top-party-planning type of chick! I love making favors and stuff like that. And I'm getting my hair cut Friday and my hairy hairy eyebrows waxed. If you don't believe they're hairy just look at a close up of one of these. Ay carumba!

PS I'm partial to monkeys but this baby bunny is super cute too.avabunny


Anonymous Echo said...

It was like I was in the Snow White movie except there's only two dwarves - Whiny and Hungry.

ROTFL! That's funny! My two dwarves are named Hungry Whiner and Hungrier Whiner. They eat and whine non-stop!

3:39 PM

Blogger Stephanie said...

I worked out of the home for a while and it was hell. Your post made me hurt inside remembering how sad I was every day. I definitely count myself as lucky now. I work my tail off -- but I get to pick the kiddo up and school and be with him in the summer.... Hang in there!!! You're a great mom -- that's what counts!

3:47 PM

Blogger Fizzy said...

I was a registered child minder for a while. The first child I looked after,(who I am seeing tomorrow and I am really excited about and who is 11 years old and still gives me a hug) would cry and scream when his mum left to go to work. Please believe me that as soon as that front door shuts and she iwas out of the garden he would stop crying. Honestly. His mum would be upset and ring me and he would be quiet (he was only 6 months at the time.) he stayed with me for years -and even when 4 he did the same thing it became habit.
I never left my daugther, but my son I had to leave to go to college and my son did the same thing to me (he was two/three) It hurt like hell really hurt and I would try to go back into the college nursery . they would tell me to go straight away and he would stop crying immeadiately. I knew that what they were saying was correct and my instincts told me so too. But my gut feeling was horrible. I hope that has helped you.

5:53 PM

Blogger Brandi said...

I feel the same way. I hate leaving J. She has a fit alot of the time when I drop her off at daycare in the morning. I wish we could go to the park and take walks on nice days. :(

9:42 AM

Blogger k8 said...

Hey sis! I don't know why you think that we would yell each other. We never do that. And you never threw me off our bed into my precious Barbie townhouse, destroying it completely. Or got into a slugfest that Dad had to break up.
Let's see, I think I'll share some horror stories from my childhood so your readers can better get to know you. Should I tell them about how you told me that there was a crab in the bed when I was little so you could pinch me really really hard and give me night terrors? Or when you told me there were rabid, poisonous mammals with fangs called snipes that lived in our yard and came out at night so I would be scared to go out there? Or best of all, how you and our dear brother told me I was adopted when I was little and you showed me the paperwork (I was too little to read) that proved it and that it explained why I didn't look like anyone in the family. Gosh, there are so many happy memories to recall. I better save some for future posting.
Anyway you better get ready to work on Ava's party stuff. I am setting up a monkey slave shop at your house. Can the girls work a glue stick yet? Ha!
Love ya,
your poor traumatized baby sister

8:58 AM

Anonymous Sstacy said...

previous comment made by the sister Sstacy

9:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:23 AM


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