Aliens ate my internet
Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am in a complete state of brain shocked-ness; our dsl was out at work all day today. I have not been on the internet for almost 12 hours. I really thought I would need a Valium soon. Now I must go out to dinner w my sister so I can't do a real post til later. I was truly in a state of emotional email, no blogs, no news, no nada! I felt as though I was cut off from the world. We were discussing this at work in our sheer downtime boredom so, what is your answer??

Q. What would you do if you woke up one morning and the whole internet was GONE? Not your computer, but like aliens sucked out the whole world wide web? Calm down, it's not going to really happen, but what would you do?

Everyone answer, even you anonymous readers who have never commented. :)

Note: People have been leaving comments and they keep disappearing and reappearing. So just keep trying. I wish Blogger would seriously get their stuff together!!! Don't give up on me folks!


Anonymous Echo said...

One word: DIE!

I go to school on the internet, work via the internet, get through the day via the internet. I would probably die a painful death! LOL

7:11 PM

Blogger deni said...

Hi, I found you through Fizzy's blog.

If the Internet would disapear the little men in the white coats would have to take me away.

I went without my computer for a week not too long ago, and it was the worst feeling, I walked around the house like a lost puppy.

BTW, you have a real nice blog here, and your little girl's are adorable. Do you mind if I add you to my links?

7:38 PM

Anonymous Kimberly said...

I cannot answer as the question itself has sent me into shock. :faints:

7:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

curl up and die

8:58 PM

Anonymous Barbara T said...

lets see, I would probably have a clean house. I would visit more friends, more often.I could do volunteer work at the local hospital or nursing home. I could do more reading. And then come home and cry a lot.

6:51 AM

Blogger Fizzy said...

easter Sunday and Monday.... I was so shocked and bored I actually had a conversation with hubby!!! WOW. It was sorted Tuesday (heheheh I am glad he can not see this)

8:14 AM

Blogger Brandi said...

I would have to do all of the things I put off doing while I read blogs, work etc. Ohh I will clean the bathroom later I have to cath up with my internet friends could not be my excuse any longer. I suppose I would be thinking long and hard of other excuses to put off doing things I hate to do :)

Your turn.....what would YOU do?

11:37 AM

Blogger Renee said...

I would jump out my window!lol

5:14 PM

Blogger k8 said...

Hey- it's me...Brandi wants to know what I would do...well, for starters my house would be cleaner. But I would definitely be sad bc the internet is like my little window to the outside world and all my buds in the blogosphere! Waaah!

5:22 PM

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7:46 PM

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Blogger Esraa Abbas said...

10:50 AM

Blogger Esraa Abbas said...

10:51 AM


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