Step away from the shoes, maam.
Saturday, April 02, 2005

Okay I will ask you something that everyone who knows me well can answer: What is my absolute worst sickness/ addiction/ shopping habit/ incurable illness for which I should be in a 12 "step" recovery program?

And the answer Let's face it, new shoes and I have a sick relationship going on. But since I have been financially strapped here lately we have stopped seeing each other as often. In fact, we haven't rendevouzed in such a long time until tonight. And that was courtesy of a hookup in the shape of a gift card from Christmas I forgot I had and found in my purse. I am proud to say I was strong and stuck strictly with the 20 buck card limit which dont getcha much these days except 2 pairs of flip flops. But cute flip flops nonetheless.

Our history goes way back to high school- when I started getting paid for working at my parents' business we first started seeing each other on a weekly basis. It was hot and heavy from then on. We've matured over the years but we've stayed up to date and gotten maybe a little too close at times.

I cannot help it I am bonko for some cute shoes!! I also have a problem getting rid of older ones that used to be my faves but that I don't wear as much anymore. I mean, we were tight back in the day, how can I just kick em to the curb?? I love sneakers, flip flops, flats, sandals, heels, mules, boots, pumps, you name it -I've got em.

If I see, no, saw, shoes I like, I will would buy them without a moments hesitation even if I had nothing that matched, I could always find an outfit later right? I am so proud of myself for the self control I have been showing not just in the shoe area but all financial areas lately seeings as times are tight and I have kids to support/feed/diaper. Seriously, I have never controlled myself like this in the checkbook. Could it be I'm morphing into a (gasp) grownup adulttype person. I hope not. Could it be I'm waiting without much hope for some child support? Certainly.

Am I rambling here? Yes, that's why you like me. I feel like I can really know a person through their favorite shoes, so I have decided to give you a little glimpse into the sick little world that is my shoe collection. Then you can laugh at my bad taste or comment and tell me how much you looooove them. Here is a little gallery of just a few of my favorite pairs. Don't judge me, just accept for who I am. A shoe addict. I recommend the slideshow view for the best effect.


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