The suspense is killing me.
Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Okay I can't take it anymore I must show you my favorite mugaroonis. I have a tie for favorite between two. Behold Mug A:
Not that I ever have or have had an attitude problem (wha ha ha) but it's the whole rebel attitude that makes me love it. Now, Mug B:
This here mug is the bizomb baby due to several reasons. The lovely shape of this handmade work of art is perfect for holding alot of coffee but it keeps the coffee warm so long because the opening is smaller, ergo, less surface area exposed. Observe the features that make it so great for gripping- the thumb bracket at the top of the handle, the smooth ergonomic form. It's a work of art. Secondly, it has great sentimental value to me as a pair of them were given to me as a going away present from my friend in Oregon when I went there to visit. We were at the mall and there was the coooolest store called The Real Mother Goose, where is everything is handmade. I admired, no, drooled over these mugs. She snuck back when I was in another store and bought them for me and gave them to me at dinner the night before I left. So sweet. I keep one at work and one at home. Check out the stamp on the bottom of the artist who made them:
Everyone at work knows not to touch my mug or else. How do you like my mugs?

I have to say that you all are most excellent blogpals for participating in this activity. I feel closer to you. (Cyber group hug.) If you have not posted or commented about your favorite mug or glass yet, and you know who you are, ahem, don't MAKE me say your name it's not too late because inquiring minds want to know.

In other news around the globe, Happy First Birthday to Ava E., darling first cousin of the monklets.
Isn't she just pwecious??

Okay I absolutely have to go to bed early tonight. Normally I would go look at your blog and comment but it's 9:16 and I'm pooped from all the mugtivity. I'll do that tomorrow. I'm serious- you guys rock & rule.

PS Monkey 2 year physical Friday I do believe I will have to take pictures. Do they get any shots this time? I can't remember.


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