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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Maaaan I am so exhausted. I just got back from taking my mom to the Dr and like I have mentioned before, nothing is close by. So it's like at least an hour and a half drive each way. I would like to announce that today I went in TJ Maxx and did not buy any shoes. This, darling readers, is a first time experience for me. So please give me a round of applause. Gracias.

I did not after all, sleep last night so I'm trying again this evening. Something has got to give. Next week when I go to the pilldoctor, he best be hookin me up.

I am telling you, the kids were so bad last night it was unbelievable. Normally I give them a bath together but I had to end up putting one in the bedroom while I washed the other one bc they were climbing on and grabbing everything they could get their hot little paws on. My prayer went something like this "Oh Lord please don't let me kill these kids because I need them to go to college, get a job and get rich so they can support me in my old age and change my Attends. Plus I love them so do something for me now paaaaaleeeeeze Jesus."

Tonight they weren't as bad according to Aunt Suebear and Uncle Bobbob but that doesn't mean anything bc they think the girls can do no wrong. I am so lucky and blessed to have them to take care of the mookies when I'm gone. I have to go to bed. But I'm leaving you with an assignment. You know all those interviews and memes and doodaddy question thingies people have been passing around? I have decided to invent my own cool questions to ask people.

Okay, ready for this first one? I thought of it this morning when I went to pour my coffee.

What does your favorite mug/cup/or glass look like? You know, like when you got to the cabinet to pick a drinking vessel, you stand there for a second and ponder, and if your favorite one is clean you grab it.

Answer the question on your blog but leave a comment here and put your homepage so people can go there and read it. And if at all possible, take a picture of your cool self holding it and post it. And if you don't have a homepage leave your answer in the comment or email it to me, the Monkey mama. And I don't care if this is the first time you've ever read my blog, that is no excuse.

By the way, don't ignore this question and act like you didn't read this post because I can see you reading it right now and I know who you are.
This is me watching you.

I will tell you my answer tomorrow after you have answered. xok8

ps (me dancing like michael jackson back when he was cool and wore one glove) "I'm bad, I'm bad, sha-mon (really really bad)" Guess what's gone on my site?? the navbar that used to be up there and oh yes baby check out my blogger button. i got the link from a cool new web amiga. uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh.

pps this is the monkeys yesterday outside. i was telling them "don't lean back in your chairs or you will go boom boom."
what do you think happened moments after this photo was taken?


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